“We serve Italian-inspired California Cuisine. First off, I love Italy. Love the land, love the food, love the people … all my inspirations find their way back to Italy. When I cook Italian, it is not what a lot of Americans think of as Italian. I suppose cooking ‘Italian’ can mean different things. To me it means: 1. cooking with a genuine spirit of giving and love, 2. cooking what is local and with a proud sense of tradition, and 3. less is more! What do I mean by that? It’s arguable that nobody in the world eats better than the peasants of Italy. They can take a handful of simple ingredients, such as dried beans, garlic, parsley, tomato, and breadcrumbs, and make angels cry. They make it taste good because they have to. But really, it’s that passion, not frugality, that pushes the simple ingredients skyward. Our food will always be simple fare to be shared and enjoyed.” – Brian Collins, Chef/Owner

Monday & Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday – Saturday: 4:00pm – 9:00pm