The Village

The Village

When you turn onto East Branch Street in downtown Arroyo Grande you will immediately feel a sense of classic, small-town-charm that is becoming more and more rare to find in California. While you may call it ‘quaint’ or ‘vibrant’, we call it The Village. 

You’ll find an array of antique and specialty shops plus fine dining nestled within the scenic atmosphere of historic buildings and natural beauty. The Village is a true picture of Americana on the Central Coast of California.

The Village is the heart of Arroyo Grande, and it is where visitors and residents alike gather for events and festivals, farmer’s markets, and a tantalizing plethora of dining experiences nestled in between darling boutiques. Alongside the strolling passersby you might take note of a feathered friend or two. The Village’s resident roosters have become the area’s trademark spectacle. While they are generally jolly creatures we don’t encourage you to test their patience! These fowl friends are not The Village’s only claim to fame. Right off the main drag you will find the Swinging Bridge. Suspended at 40 feet in the air and stretching 171 feet in length, it is the only one of its kind in California. 

Within your first stroll down The Village corridor taking in the historic buildings ranging back to the 1800’s, it will become clear to you that this well-loved area comes with a rich history. In fact, there are multiple museums right downtown that will tell you the story of the area. Originally settled by the Obispeno Chumash Tribe, The Village has been a hub of excitement, travelers, and agricultural abundance since its earliest documented days.  

Whether it’s for the roosters, the farmers markets, the bridge, the libations, or the vintage shops you’ll find that time spent in The Village of Arroyo Grande is time well spent. Located conveniently in between Los Angeles and San Francisco, it is the perfect big-city escape right in the heart of California’s central coast. Nestled in between the Pacific Ocean and the coastal foothills Arroyo Grande sees 315 days of sunshine, a warmth that you will feel reflected in the welcoming community. So the next time you are road tripping along California’s 101, make sure you carve out some time to spend in The Village of Arroyo Grande.