Arroyo Grande is conveniently located half way in between Los Angeles and the Bay Area, making it the perfect road trip stop for anyone traversing California’s classic 101. Besides the gorgeous 1800’s architecture, the abundance of farm-to-table fare and the world-class wines, we’ve got a whole list of reasons why you should never miss an opportunity to make Arroyo Grande a part of your next California vacation. 

  1. Suspended at 40 feet in the air and stretching 171 feet in length, Arroyo Grande is home to one of the only suspension bridges in California. 
  2. Some of Arroyo Grande’s most treasured residents are the flock of wild, downtown roosters.  
  3. Arroyo Grande is considered home to a number of well known celebrities including Zac Efron, Lou Ferrigno, and Harriet Quimby – the first American woman to receive her pilot’s license. 
  4. Arroyo Grande is known to be haunted, particularly the building home to the ever popular Klondike Pizza Parlor. 
  5. Arroyo Grande is home to the Hayashi family farm, which comes along with a remarkable story. During World War II, the family was forced to be detained in Japanese Internment camps. When they finally returned they found that the neighbors had taken it upon themselves to maintain and steward the land in the Hayashi family’s absence. They were able to pick back up and start farming, and to this day they are one of the most popular strawberry vendors on the Central Coast. 
  6. During the winter months in Arroyo Grande you might notice an abundance of Monarch Butterflies. That is because one of California’s most populous Monarch overwintering locations is located very nearby. 
  7. Arroyo Grande enjoys, on average, about 315 days of sunshine throughout the year – talk about a perfect climate!   
  8. Arroyo Grande is surrounded by vineyards and home to several wineries! The Arroyo Grande Valley AVA (American Viticultural Area) is one of four AVAs in SLO County.