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We asked and they answered! General Manager Sean Dasmann and Front Desk Representative Airick K. share what it’s like working at The Agrarian Hotel, B.W. Signature Collection, a boutique-style hotel situated in the Village of Arroyo Grande around antique shops, acclaimed eateries and noteworthy wineries in Arroyo Grande. Visitors generally appreciate this hotel for its walkable location and short drive to nearby beaches and attractions. The hotel is pet-friendly and offers an array of amenities for guests including a complimentary full breakfast, an outdoor pool, heated hot tub, wifi and an exercise facility.

Photos Courtesy of The Agrarian Hotel

Q&A with Sean Dasmann, General Manager

What is a general day like for you?

For me it consists of making sure we have competitive rates, answering emails and responding to requests for room blocks, as well as chatting with staff as they come and go, and engaging with our guests.

What do you consider to be the unique appeal or distinguishing features of your property that set it apart from other hotels in the area?

The Agrarian is a great property! In addition to only being four years old, having a boutique feel and an amazing staff, we have the distinct advantage of anchoring the Village of Arroyo Grande. With dozens of eateries and stores, a few tasting rooms, a brewery and an ice-cream parlor, there is something for everyone. Our guests are really amazed and pleasantly surprised by what is packed into East Branch Street.

In your role, what strategies or measures do you implement to ensure a high level of guest satisfaction?

We ensure a high level of guest satisfaction by listening to our guests requests, kudos and critiques. The team here is genuinely interested in their feedback and input. I love to chat with our guests and help them with their stay. Growing up here in the Village I can give some history, make recommendations for dinner, coffee, fun things to do in the area and must-see or must-do things in SLO CAL.

Is there anything new on the horizon for the hotel that you would like to share? 

We are very excited to re-open breakfast to self-serve for everyone very soon. Currently we’ve been plating our guests selections.

Do you have a favorite Arroyo Grande restaurant to go to? 

My favorite restaurant is Mason Bar & Kitchen! And not just because they are right next to us, or because the food is always amazing or that the staff is top notch with a culture of fun, teamwork and excellence. They really take the opportunity to partner with us. They appreciate what The Agrarian does for them as much as we appreciate having such a high quality dining establishment here in A.G. to send our guests to.

Photos Courtesy of The Agrarian Hotel

Q&A with Airick K., Front Desk Representative

How does working at a hotel provide you with unique opportunities to interact with guests and make their stay memorable? 

It allows me to utilize my diverse skill set in customer service, mental health, sociology and communication. Being multilingual also broadens my ability to connect with guests from different cultures and backgrounds (I’m fluent in Spanish and American Sign Language). I believe it’s the small acts of kindness that really make a difference.

Can you share any specific experiences that highlight the rewarding nature of your role as a front desk hotel worker?

I offered a high-profile guest a bag of local chips, not knowing they were a celebrity. They were so touched they offered me a jar of honey from a farmers market they had visited. This beautiful exchange reinforced my belief that kind gestures and smiles, given freely and without expectation, can create memorable experiences. 

What feedback have you received from hotel guests about what they like most about staying in Arroyo Grande? 

Feedback from guests about Arroyo Grande often mirrors my own feelings about this place. Guests describe it as an enchanting town straight out of a Hallmark Channel movie. They appreciate its charm, the kindness of its people, and the excellence of our local restaurants and businesses. It’s a place you don’t want to leave.

What do you like to tell guests to do in Arroyo Grande?

I always encourage them to experience our local businesses in the Village, to go taste our delicious food, from grills to ice cream shops, and explore our farmers markets on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I also recommend two of my favorite coffee shops in town, Cafe Andreini and Tribe Coffee House. Above all, I suggest that they take their time, avoid rushing, and shape their visit according to what they wish to experience. Arroyo Grande is a place that warmly welcomes everyone.

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