We are the Arroyo Grande Tourism Business Improvement District (AG TBID), brought together through a vision for a thriving and prosperous Arroyo Grande. 

Our advisory board is made up of representatives from the local community, lodging, or hospitality related businesses, appointed by the City Council. The TBID helps promote Arroyo Grande as a travel destination and is funded by a 2% assessment charge from hotels. 

Such organizations are essential to the economic and social-well being of the communities they represent, driving direct economic impact through the visitor economy and fueling development across the entire economic spectrum by creating familiarity, attracting decision makers, sustaining air service and improving the quality of life in a place. Destination promotion is in fact a public good for the benefit and well-being of all; an essential investment no community can afford to abate without causing detriment to the community’s future economic and social well-being.

MISSION: To market Arroyo Grande as a desirable travel destination, create memorable experiences and support a prosperous economy and community

VISION: A thriving community rooted in authentic hospitality and nourished by a strong economy


  • Truth
  • Excellence
  • Teamwork
  • Community
  • Impact